COUPLES: Kelsey + Brett: Stormy Beach

June 1, 2018

Kelsey + Brett are one of those couples that are just FUN.

Kelsey is so sweet, with a heart of gold. Her and I have actually known each other since middle school! Which was wayyy longer ago than I’d like to admit. But, it’s been so great keeping in touch with her over the years. When she reached out to me about photographing her and Brett’s beach engagements, I was so pumped.

This was the first time I had met Brett. Let me tell you, he had me laughing the entire session! He was whispering things in Kelsey’s ear and spinning her around. I’m pretty sure even threw her over his shoulder at one point. The sun was out for all of 30 minutes before the clouds rolled in. It started to rain, and they didn’t care. We headed down to the beach and they changed outfits. We squeezed in about 15 more minutes of pictures before the storms rolled in and we had to run out of there!

The wind was whipping, Kelsey’s hair was flying everywhere and it was perfect.

I love my couples who aren’t afraid to let the wind take them, or get a little rain on their clothes.

It’s so easy to worry about our hair and make-up, wanting every little piece of styled hair to stay perfectly in place. But honestly, this movement is what brings images to life. She looks so comfortable in her fiance’s arms, and it is absolutely stunning.