Honeybook + Lia Everette Photography

Last year Lia and I were sitting around attempting to sort through emails, invoices and contracts all while trying not to rip our hair out. Organization is kind of our thing and we began to wonder, there HAS to be an easier way to keep everything in one place. This is where we turned to our favorite resource ... Google. This is when HoneyBook changed the game.

Why did we choose Honeybook?

No. 1

Give hands-on service, even when you’re off the clock. The automation feature has been the timesaver we were looking for! Being able to create workflows with timed communication allowed us send emails automatically without lifting a finger!

No. 2

Being able to schedule meetings with less back and forth has been an absolute GAMECHANGER. Simply set your availability and share your link so clients can find a time that works. Meeting with your client increases your chances of winning their business by 40%.

No. 3

Manage bookings and payments in a one stop shop, we mean it. Clients can review agreements, sign and pay from one place. And you can effortlessly track it all in realtime. Which frees up your time to focus on your passion and doing more of what you love.

The best investment in our business and yeah, we use it everyday!

This is so worth it. It’s such a business sanity lifesaver.

Sharing is caring, when you join HoneyBook using my link I get an affiliate commission — which is like, the BEST, because then I can buy more of my faves and keep sharing them with you.