CLIENT EDUCATION: Why Engagement Photos are a total must-do!

January 3, 2019

Ahh! He put a ring on it! You’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend forever, and now you’re finally a fiance! So, what do you do next?! Do you jump in with wedding planning? Do you wait a little while and let the term fiance sink it before you do anything?

Whatever you decide, one thing you should definitely put on your checklist to accomplish is engagement photos. You are only a fiance once, and when you start planning your wedding – a lot of time and energy during this season of your lives will go to planning the big day.

I encourage you to take the pictures. Make the memories. Document this time in your lives together. This season will be a blink in time of your lives, and it’s so important to capture your young love.

Plus, they are funnnn! I always encourage my couples to make a date out of their engagement session with me. Buy a new outfit, do your hair + makeup, go to happy hour, take photos with me, and get dinner / drinks after with your babe!

Let’s dive in! Here is my list of reasons why you should take engagement photos!

  1. Practice Makes Perfect! Never had professional pictures taken before? This is the time to use photos to tell the story of who you two are. You get to laugh, hug, and enjoy each other without worrying about the formalities. Plus, you’ll most likely have nerves involved on the wedding day- and that is a recipe for awkward! Practicing when there’s no pressure is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day.
  2. They are Multi-Functional! My favorite place to see your engagement photos is on the walls of your home. But, in addition to that – they have a multitude of uses! Many couples choose to use one of their engagement pictures for their Save the Dates they’ll be mailing out. Another great use is to put them in an album and have it double as your wedding day Guestbook. Engagement pictures can be used on your wedding website and social media accounts! If you get your engagement pictures taken during Christmas card season, it’s an added bonus!
  3. They build bonds! For me, photographing your wedding is so much more than just a “job” to me. Having been a bride myself, I know how important your wedding day is. Entrusting your wedding to be captured by another person requires trust, and when a stranger shows up on your wedding day to follow you around for 8-hours with their camera in your face, it doesn’t scream comfortable bond. Getting to know my clients ahead of time, interacting with them, and seeing how they interact with each other is crucial to creating authentic imagery.

I genuinely want my brides to know I care about them, and I’ve got their back during the planning process, as well as on their wedding day. I am in frequent contact with my clients, because I want them to know they can be confident and comfortable with me. It’s amazing how much of a relationship between client + photographer can be created through a simple engagement photoshoot! This is one of the many reasons that all of my Wedding Photography Packages are inclusive of an engagement session.

So, tell me – what do you guys think?! Are you a current bride, considering taking engagement photos? Or a past bride, who never took them? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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