Oh hey, I'm Lia!

I am a life-long East Coast resident, currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I grew up spending my summers on the beach, and you could always find our family road-tripping to the mountains or driving down the coast at a moment’s notice. My love of the outdoors started when I was a little girl, and still serves as a huge inspiration in my work. From beach days to hiking and tent camping, I love it all.


When I’m not photographing weddings, you can find me spending time with my husband + our children, working hard to keep my house plants alive, and always with an iced coffee in hand. I love being barefoot, having the wind in my hair, getting a little too much sun on my face, and am definitely guilty of having the music up just a little too loud.

Virginia Wedding Photographer: Traveling Adventure Photographer

My husband and I met when we were 19 years old, in a Virginia bookstore.

Our first date was so nerdy. Yes, it was at a local bookstore, and we sat on the ground awkwardly reading side-by-side for a few hours [mostly in silence]. Now here we are, married with our own little babes and have created a beautiful life together. My marriage is a huge inspiration for my work.

Every time we photograph a wedding, we are both taken back to how we felt on the day we got married.

Jitters getting ready in the morning. Anticipation before our first look. Saying vows in front of friends + family, when all you really notice is the two of you. The reception totally flying by, and loving every second of it. Capturing those moments for you is what we live for and it will never stop being an honor to be there with you on your wedding day.